E-Book ‘De Waal/Bewogen’

Size 29 x 24 cm, 136 pagina’s, Language English

Publisher: iD-Graphickx, 2017 

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De Waal / Bewogen. Andrea Gulickx –photography; Wim Huijser – text,
Publisher: iD-Graphickx, 2017

A documentary about Jac. P. Thijsse was the staring point for photographer Andrea Gulickx for an experiment with the flow of water, light and landscapes. With a slow shutter speed she captured the movement of the Dutch river “de Waal” in a poetic way. The silence and the dynamics of the river landscape also triggered a new ‘flow’ in her photography.

Andrea’s ‘moving’ images were for writer-publicist Wim Huijser the beginning of an associative journey through Dutch poetry. His selection of poetry fragments emphasises the stillness of the Waal landscape and sometimes offers you another point of view for the interpretation of the picture.

In 2017 photo’s and poetry “flowed” along the river Waal in the form of a travelling exhibition “de Waal / Bewogen” (de Waal / Moved). This project resulted in this book for which 116 photo’s were selected.

Note: in this e-book version the Dutch poems have been replaced by quotes in the English language. All pictures have exif info.

Design: Martine Eelman. (Teunis.nu) 

“Time is like a river.

You cannot touch the same water twice

because the flow that has passed

wil never pass again.

Enjoy every moment of your life.

Behind the scenes with dutch interview for radio Omroep Gelderland

Video gemaakt door Wim Huijser

For Gelderse Koppen

Dutch version sneak peak.

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